With TheAtriumHealth, you can schedule appointments, send messages to your care team, view lab and test results, read your doctor’s notes, start an eVisit, and pay your bill. Getting started is a straightforward process.


If you have any questions about the platform, you can refer to the following section. You can also visit the official website at www.myatriumhealth.org to learn more about the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my health record?

The information in your health record includes current medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, surgeries, and procedures. You may also view your Medical and Family History, Test Results, and Preventive Care recommendations within MyAtriumHealth. AtriumHealth does not display the entire medical record.

If I do not have medicine refills, what should I do?

Make sure there are no refills available by calling your pharmacy. After checking with your pharmacy, if you no longer need refills, you can request a prescription renewal through MyAtriumHealth.

What browser requirements does MyAtriumHealth have?

It is recommended that you use the latest desktop and mobile Web browsers to use MyAtriumHealth. The best browsers for Mac are Safari and Chrome. You should use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox for PC.

I’ve heard that I can see my appointments at Atrium Health and other organizations all in one place. What’s the process?

MyAtriumHealth now allows you to view certain health information from outside Atrium Health, such as appointments and messages.

  • Log in to the MyAtriumHealth website or mobile app.
  • Go to Sharing and click “Link My Accounts” from the main menu.
  • To complete the setup, you will need the login information for the other account(s).

How can I set up a MyAtriumHealth account if I’m having trouble?

For help setting up your account, please contact MyAtriumHealth Support:

  • You can reach them at 704-667-9145 or,
  • Toll-free: 855-799-0044

You can reach the support team Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.