Medical Records

The MyAtriumHealth app and website allow you to view your health records. Health issues, allergies, immunizations, medications, surgeries, and procedures are all included in your health record. In MyAtriumHealth, you can also access your Medical and Family History, Test Results, and Preventive Care recommendations.


TheAtriumHealth does not display the entire medical record. Please visit Atrium Health Medical Records if you do not see the information you are looking for to request your medical records. Medical records can also be requested by calling 704-667-9500 or toll-free at 844-383-2109 or using the MyAtriumHealth feature.

How To Request Your Medical Records?

According to the type of information you need, there are several ways you can request a copy of your medical records. MyAtriumHealth allows you to access portions of your electronic medical record online. This includes your medical history, test results, and immunization records.

Fill out a Patient Request for Access Form in either English or Spanish to request a copy of your medical records for yourself or for your healthcare provider. Complete an Authorization for Release of Health Information to request a copy of your medical records to be sent to an insurance company, attorney, school, or other organization. Here are a few ways to get your request to us:

  • Mail: Atrium Health, Corporate Health Information Management, PO Box 32861, Charlotte, NC 28232-2861
  • Fax: 704-446-6037
  • Email: Email a PDF of your authorization to [email protected]

If you wish to obtain records for a patient who does not possess the legal capacity or cannot sign, a representative may sign this form on behalf of the patient. Verification of appropriate access to health information should be supported by written proof of authority for the following:

  • A guardian or other legally appointed representative appointed by the court
  • Executor/administrator/attorney in fact
  • Affidavit next of kin
  • Power of Attorney

Verification of identity is required. There may be fees associated with this process. The physician or therapist may require prior approval before your health information can be released.