With TheAtriumHealth, you can manage your health. MyAtriumHealth is managed by Atrium Health and offers you some incredible services on the official site and app. MyAtriumHealth lets you see doctor’s notes, test results, allergies, and immunizations. Additionally, you can schedule appointments, send messages to your doctor’s office, renew prescriptions, pay bills, and more.


You can read more about the services offered by MyAtriumHealth in the following section.

Services Offered By MyAtriumHealth

Appointments: It is possible to schedule appointments with most primary care providers that you have seen within the last 18 months, including OB/GYNs and pediatricians.

Health Messaging: If your provider sends you a new health message, MyAtriumHealth will notify you by email. Additionally, when you log into MyAtriumHealth on your web browser or mobile app, you can click View Message on new messages directly from the health feed.

Pay Bill: The portal allows you to pay your bills as well. It can be done by logging into your account or by paying as a guest.


Health Record: Medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, surgeries, and procedures are all included in your health record. You can also view Medical and Family History, Test Results, and Preventive Care recommendations within MyAtriumHealth. MyAtriumHealth does not display the entire medical record. To learn how to request your medical records, please visit Atrium Health Medical Records if the health information you are looking for is not available.

Lab and Test Results: The platform also allows you to view the results of lab and test tests. Some results are ready the same day, while others may take a few days. Once the results are available, they release them online immediately.

Prescription Renewals: When you have checked with your pharmacy and do not have any refills left, you can request a prescription renewal through MyAtriumHealth.